We Make Dairy Snacks Better, Naturally!

About Us

We have become a leading innovator in the global dairy snacks market by combining our entrepreneurial vision with Ireland’s scientific talent, quality dairy ingredients, global reputation and sustainable competitive advantage in dairy.

We are focused on the development of innovative, all-natural, hand-held dairy snacks for the global market.


OUR First INNOVATION – Dairy Bars

These deliciously creamy, chilled, dairy bars are high in protein and made with a short list of all-natural ingredients.They come in an easy to open, mess-free pod and in a range of fruit and chocolate flavours - perfect for on-the-go, lunchbox and in-home snacking.

In the Irish and UK markets the Fruchee® brand is used to target consumers of all ages; whilst in the French market the dairy bars are sold under the Tapufin® brand, targeting children for the famous afternoon Goûter snacking occasion.


We take the best of Irish cheese and cook it gently to create a crunchy puffed ambient snack which is high in protein and high in calcium. The CheeseOs™ range is made from mild cheddar which is then seasoned to create a range of familiar flavours including salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, etc. whilst the Moorepark™ range is a more premium offering made using speciality cheeses such as chilli cheddar, black pepper cheddar, etc.